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About Us

 Our Vision and  Mission

Our Vision is to provide a consistently high standard of education and services.

Our Mission is to offer excellence by delivering quality programmes as a dedicated education provider.

Our Teams

Academic team

Student Service Team

Our Campus

Our institute provides a wide range of facilities and services for our students including:

  • Experienced, friendly and dedicated teachers.

  • Comfortable classrooms with views of the city and an environment conducive to learning.

  • Friendly and knowledgeable Student Services staff.

  • Free, high-speed wi-fi access and computer facilities.

  • Resource library.

  • Dedicated self-study area.

  • Spacious common areas.

  • Well-equipped kitchenette and lunchroom.

  • Free coffee and tea facilities.

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Level 10, Big Albert Building, 87-89 Albert Street, Auckland City, New Zealand

Tel: (+64) 9 3092886


What our students say about us

Before I enrolled in the IELTS Academic class in NZIST, I used to get 5.0 on my writing test. However, my writing score jumped to 6.0 within 12 weeks. In fact, I have obtained an overall score with 6.5. Indeed, I am very happy with the way the teacher presented all the techniques and guidelines. Moreover, I was taught a great deal of skills to improve my IELTS score. I was also very pleased with my other results which were 7.5 for Listening, 7 for Speaking and 6 for Reading.

Uykim, Cambodia


Contact Us

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Tel: (+64) 9 3092886



Level 10, Big Albert Building

 87-89 Albert Street

Auckland City

New Zealand

NZIST English School in Auckland new zealand