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IELTS Academic

Let us help you get the IELTS band score you need!


NZIST's IELTS preparation course is a structured, practical approach to achieving the band score you desire.

  • Why study IELTS at NZIST?

Over the recommended course of twelve weeks, you will learn and apply techniques and strategies that produce measurable results.

Each week, students study vocabulary related to key IELTS topics including the environment, science & technology, globalisation, travel & tourism, health, education, employment, crime, sports & leisure, business & finance, advertising, the media, town & country, agriculture, architecture, government spending, culture & society and the arts.

Significant class time is dedicated to studying and practising effective ways to answer writing tasks 1 and 2, ensuring that by test day students can write with confidence.

Reading and listening strategies are also important components of our IELTS preparation course, with students gaining a strong understanding of the different types of questions they will face and how best to answer them.

One of the benefits of enrolling in NZIST's IELTS preparation course is the opportunity to receive immediate and constructive feedback from your teacher (former IELTS Examiner/Marker). This is especially helpful in attaining a successful band score in the speaking section of IELTS.

If you would like to see what our IELTS preparation class is like and how it can improve your band score, NZIST offers a free trial lesson to all new students.

  • NZIST IELTS Academic Class time.


9.20 am – 1.40 pm 



            IELTS (Academic)


4.30 pm – 7.30 pm



IELTS (Academic)

  • NZIST IELTS Course Fees.

       Duration          Tuition         Weekly Price (was)        Weekly Price (now)     

        4  weeks         NZ$1000                 NZ$250                            NZ$190 

      12  weeks         NZ$2940                 NZ$245                            NZ$208

      47  weeks         NZ$10300               NZ$219                            NZ$176

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